The Power of The Soul.

In my previous post I have discussed that the soul is immortal nd indestructible, it dwells in every living being and is our connection to the energy source that drives the Universe and the cosmos.
Much still remains unexplored in this territory, but we can still get a fair idea about the soul and its endless powers. One beautiful concept is that whatever we see around us has its seed in our minds, everything that we know of takes birth inside our minds and later it becomes real if enacted upon. The basic is that thoughts hold limitless power and thoughts originate in the mind. Mind or brain the most vital of all the parts of the human body is a complex organ which is the source of all imagination. Apart from running the body 24/7 it also makes us who we are because every single thought that originates in our minds will become a reality at some point of time. Sometime or the other we all have experienced a conflict inside us where we can hear two voices inside us, one of the mind and the other of the soul. That faint voice which calls out to us, gives us it’s perspective cab be heard always and if we pay attention to it , it grows louder and clearer.
    Soul’s power can be understood from the fact that whenever we are stuck in between two confusing decisions, the voice of the soul is always the right one for you. Most people ignore it and those pay heed to it make their name into history books. So my advice is to hear it and implement it.


Author: Mayank Mishra

I am a journalist and a freelance writer. An enthusiastic writer and a seeker. Everything about words and sentences fascinates me. I like to read books of different genres. I have a passion to learn and impart new things.

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