New year and new you.

With the advent of 2015 and our digital mailboxes floodong with emails and wishes, a lot still remains unsaid. So , I thought I should seize the opportunity and make a dent. What’s all the fuss about ? The date has changed and it’s not like you have to change your calendars cause they are all digital and they know. Yeah , you do have to spend a few days changing 2014 to 2015 and mind it , it is not easy to change a 4 in to a 5 without compromising the neatness, but again it’s all digital right ! So , no need to worry just hit undo or backspace and it’s all fine and cool.
  What about our lives , there are no undo buttons and backspace luxuries, there is only this merciless river of time taking us all in its flow and it is unforgiving and consistent. Okay, so what’s the deal, I offer a free advice forget the dates and time or rather take a lesson from it, be consistent in whatever you do , be persistent and most important of all don’t stop, keep moving forward because this is the only way to leave time behind. Aren’t we all racing against time here? Think it over ! Happy racing folks.


Author: Mayank Mishra

I am a journalist and a freelance writer. An enthusiastic writer and a seeker. Everything about words and sentences fascinates me. I like to read books of different genres. I have a passion to learn and impart new things.

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