The Concept of Dharma

In Sanskrit language  “dharma” is a very peculiar word, almost no exact translation for it exists in any other language. It simply means the law of cosmos, it is a phenomenon when processes and things function in accordance with the laws of nature or cosmos. Dharma of a flame is to burn and produce wet, of water to wet other things, of wind to dry, of plant to grow when given the right conditions so on and so forth.
   It is also the most confused term too, most people confuse it with religion and nothing could be further from the truth. Those who believe that Dharma has anything to do with religion have misinterpreted everything great this concept had to impart. On top of it layers and layers of myths and mythology have been laid upon and truth which is so simple has been completely shrouded. Honestly our lives would be so simple if we reached down below and dug for the truth ourselves instead of taking the words or reading the text given by someone and accepting it as the truth. In reality truth cannot be told or heard, it needs to be discovered and sometimes it takes a lifetime to find it. For those who really find it with their hard efforts, all other truths reveal themselves automatically and life becomes as simple as the truth.

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Author: Mayank Mishra

I am a journalist and a freelance writer. An enthusiastic writer and a seeker. Everything about words and sentences fascinates me. I like to read books of different genres. I have a passion to learn and impart new things.

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