Hospitals and Me.

I have never been admitted to a hospital and I am 22 years old. I want it to stay that way as long as I live. Definitely I have been to hospitals, spent many nights in some of them but only as a caretaker of the patient. As it goes, I have observed a few things in hospitals I have been to and I will share those experiences in this post.
    Almost always I feel healthier when I am in a hospital, the paranoia of being ill clouds my mind when I enter the hospital but the assurance that in any case I will be taken care of in minutes calms me down. When in a hospital I can never ignore the sound of a cellphone ring. Aren’t they all supposed to be in silent or vibrate modes ? Why do people ignore such little bit extremely important things ? Anyways, I have seen that in almost every hospital and the whole profession of medicine altogether that patients are always feeling unsafe and disturbed. I mention this because an ill person gets terrified at the site of hospitals and the staff does not do much to bring the patient a level of mental comfort. The other day I had to be very polite to ask two nurses to keep quiet,  those two were talking loudly right under the ‘stay quiet’ sign.
      There is a lot of pressure and hospital  is the last place a person wants to be in and good care,  polite communication,  gentle and tender behaviour along with satisfactory medical care is the least a patient expects when he or she visits a hospital.
  Life changes us every single moment, and we expect proper medical attention from professionals in the realm of medicine . What we expect is professional attitude from the experts whom we trust with our health and fitness both physical and mental.

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Author: Mayank Mishra

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