While looking around:

I look and observe things. I look again and deeper. I look for purpose and originality. I look for little details missing crucially. I inhale in the sights and view a different angle. I look for smiles and laughter and I look for the pain if really there. I look for the one and the only: the truth.

I see them , the faces, the people and things and I look inside them. I see smiles and laughter and see sadness. I see and realize that everything fades away.  I see an ocean of everything and I am trying to find my only hope, my mountain, my peak.


Author: Mayank Mishra

I am a journalist and a freelance writer. An enthusiastic writer and a seeker. Everything about words and sentences fascinates me. I like to read books of different genres. I have a passion to learn and impart new things.

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