Perception to happiness.

Find Your Happiness.


It is how we perceive others which determines our behaviour towards them. A few times even if the person whom we care so much for damages our feelings irreparably, it is our perception of them which we should never let get damaged. It is upto us to be indifferent and not reply rudeness with rudeness, for hatred breeds hatred, rather we should show that we still care for them even if they keep hurting us with their hurtful words and deeds. Buddha says only love can conquer everyone for you and if you show a compassionate heart even the rudest enemy shall melt before you like hot wax.

It is upto us to take the things seriously which might make us serious about frivolous issues or just toss them away into abyss and keep strolling happily like before. It is upto us to bother ourselves with what others think of…

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Author: Mayank Mishra

I am a journalist and a freelance writer. An enthusiastic writer and a seeker. Everything about words and sentences fascinates me. I like to read books of different genres. I have a passion to learn and impart new things.

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