To believe or not to believe.

One night there was a violent storm in the region I lived in, which happened to be a valley region, a place called Dehradun located on the foothills of the Great Himalayas. As lightning and thunder struck every now and then, my mind wanted to understand the symbolism behind the phenomenon. Lightning was always seen long before the thunder rumbled. Scientifically speaking, this happened because light travels way faster than sound.metaphorically speaking we must see something before we believe we have heard it. Always making sure that your eyes have seen something will put you in a better position and keep you away from hearsay and rumours. For the same reason, to believe in God one must see him, hearing from someone does not prove the existense of God for you. If you want to believe in God, go and look for him and believe in him only when you can see him. Seeing is believing.


Poetry for the Soul.

At the age of 17, I discovered the poet in me after a heartbreak. My love only increased for her ever since. At first, my poems were an expression of love and affection towards the person who I adored so much, but later words flowed more as a realisation of an important lesson of life. One does not get everything one wants and loss of something makes you understand and appreciate its value.
Poetry flowed from my soul onto paper and I discovered my unconditional love for something even better, the thought to pursue poetry writing automatically followed. Poetry helped me beat my sorrow and pickup the valuable lesson learnt from it. Sometimes words written on paper hold far more power than those expressed aloud. Those words which took the form of mere poetry were actually my wounds leaving my soul. In a way poetry helped me recover and rejuvenated me to start life afresh.
Here is a poem I penned down long ago, I hope it depicts what i tried to say above.

Carefree and unbound was a bird,
Until it discovered a world
Of emotions and feelings
Knew love beyond its dreams,
Now it was all but carefree,
It was all but vain
Until one day,
Betrayal and sorrow struck
A cord within its heart,
And now it sings
Upon the fig tree
Knowing all but love
For her songs are full of it
And it is again carefree and unbound.
– mayank mishra

You and yourself.

Most of the times we live with ourselves, alone and with the best person we have ever met and trusted in: ourselves. Most of the times we do not care but with your self , you are what you are. Most of the times we are somebody else but in front of a mirror, you see the original you. Most of the days you ask stupid questions to everyone, but to yourself you always ask the right question but get no answers , just plans. If you were to seek those answers I promise you will find your purpose in life. Most of the times you think you are the center of the universe, but when you look inside yourself you know you are the universe. So go out there, know thyself and leave a dent in the universe. Most of the times you don’t know what to do, but if you ask yourself you always know . Somehow all the answers are within us, all you need to do is ask the right question to yourself.

New year and new you.

With the advent of 2015 and our digital mailboxes floodong with emails and wishes, a lot still remains unsaid. So , I thought I should seize the opportunity and make a dent. What’s all the fuss about ? The date has changed and it’s not like you have to change your calendars cause they are all digital and they know. Yeah , you do have to spend a few days changing 2014 to 2015 and mind it , it is not easy to change a 4 in to a 5 without compromising the neatness, but again it’s all digital right ! So , no need to worry just hit undo or backspace and it’s all fine and cool.
  What about our lives , there are no undo buttons and backspace luxuries, there is only this merciless river of time taking us all in its flow and it is unforgiving and consistent. Okay, so what’s the deal, I offer a free advice forget the dates and time or rather take a lesson from it, be consistent in whatever you do , be persistent and most important of all don’t stop, keep moving forward because this is the only way to leave time behind. Aren’t we all racing against time here? Think it over ! Happy racing folks.

Controversies and after effects.

Last night I watched a Bollywood film ‘pk’ , it was based on the simple concept of blind faith in God and religion. The film was surrounded by controversies soon after its release by certain religious groups as they claim that their sentiments were hurt. These so called religious enthusiasts have resorted to violent means of protests, burning posters, attacking standalone theatres, tearing off billboards and posters from PVRs and attacking the movie via social media and haranguing the mob through lectures inciting anger and frustration thereby disturbing the peace and tranquility of the citizens. As if 2014 had seen a little less of its fair share of tragedies, these maniacs want to bid a proper farewell to the bygone year.
    These groups like Bajrang Dal etc are those who think that God needs protecting , and frankly if they believe that Hinduism is so fragile that it would be defeated by a simple movie then in my opinion, they should recheck their faith and beliefs and start learning the ABC of their religion all over again. Their protests are a testimony of their dangling faith, and their violence a mockery of the principles of Hinduism. They have in fact certified that every thing the movie shows is true 100%.
    They actually failed to understand the lessons pk wanted to impart, and their frustration is clear proof that these people are not ready for the truth yet. The movie portrays the feelings and emotions of an alien if he happens to visit  India on planet Earth.Various stereotypes and superstitions are shown which are seated at the helm of social evils in India.The film is logical and right in every respect and the protests are wantoned and illegitimate.

I suggest those who are not in agreement with the movie should not watch it and it is a piece of art not targeting the sentiments of any religion or sect, as the disclaimer says so.

From zero to infinity.

Life is all about failures. Edison once said ” I failed my way to success.” Life couldn’t be won if we never lost, losing something is the hardest way to realize it’s value.most people are broken when they suffer a major loss, but those who rise up after falling and do it repeatedly are the ones who fill the pages of history books.
   We are all afraid of failures and making mistakes, but at some point or the other we all do make mistakes and fail. This very point explains why there is no need to be scared of failures. We all should take risks because we are all bound to succeed if we keep trying and never give up. This is the only mantra for triumph.

Being Soulful

The. Life of an ordinary human being is spent mostly satisfying the needs presented to him by his body, food, clothing, shelter, marriage, love, comfort etc. All these needs must be met but the problem arises when we get stuck in believing that we need more than sufficient. Contentment is the first thing which your soul will offer you once you recognise yourself with it.
    The logic is simple, suppose you take a drug like alcohol , after consuming it you feel different and you like it, but the effect soon wears off and when you wake up you feel like taking the experience all over again. The body will only ask for more alcohol but if you think of yourself as the soul you realize that the desire to get the experience of intoxication by alcohol all over again comes only from the body, and the realisation that the pleasures offered by it are temporary cones from the soul. The most rare thing about the soul is that it is pure no matter what you do with your body. It never gets tainted . It never diminishes its values. Your soul , if you believe in it is you yourself, and it is like a lighthouse always guiding you to the right path, no matter what .