Being Different 

We all want to be different, hell who wants to be a copycat. I am gonna be the original dog leading the pack.  Yes, of course I want followers. It’s in our code to be unique, which we are if we look inside ourselves : literally. Why not be your own genuine self than to start copying others to become ‘different?’

  Somewhere in the crowd we too have joined in, copying this and that to remain in the ‘trend’ , forgetting something we told ourselves when we were little. 

  Losing your originality to become wanted and appear eye-catchy decomposes the whole idea of a personality and uniqueness and ends the discussion like a downpour ends a storm. 

  You are a nobody if your universe doesn’t come to lie at your feet working at your command. Be yourself and I guarantee you will be different and unique in a beautiful way you never thought existed. 




Turn a new leaf. 

Posted below is a series of three pictures. These are of plants right in my garden. I made an observation, like every new born leaf we too are born different. To put it more comprehensively, we all begin new as children but as we go along, we lose our colour and fall in line behind the others. We become like others and we let our genius and ingenuity be obscured by false notions which are not ours. 

Turn a new leaf is  an appeal to stay different and think differently.  
Turn a new leaf and stay new. Don’t follow blindly. Instead go and look for the unexplored. 
Enjoy the pictures. 

©Mayank “Sahar” Mishra