I have met people 

I have met people who were too conscious of themselves, too much exclusivity in their lives is impossible.  They will share, but only a portion of their lives. They will dream but with definite boundaries, and then interpret those dreams by someone else’s description.

I have met people who thought what others thought, saw others’ visions and lived a life which was only an attempt at acceptance from others.
I have met people who knew too much and spoke too little, I have met people who knew too little and spoke too much. I have met people who were oblivious to present and some who lived in the not so distant future. I have met people with different ways of thinking.
I have met people who held their belief in stones, some who held theirs in currency notes, few others who lived for votes. I have met people who were more dead than alive.

I have met people who were like little suns, shining like beacons of light but dark inside.

I have met people who never forgot a path once they traveled on it. I have met people who were so certain about the far future that they didn’t notice death standing nearby. I have met people who embraced their death smiling and some who cried.

I have met people who create life, artists who capture imaginations and dreamers who believed nothing was impossible. I have met musicians who created music so sublime that time stopped and space stood by.

I have met strangers who felt like a part of me and I a part of them. I met people who looked fine but were broken inside.

I have met people who were at peace and knew neither love nor hate. I knew people who were always angry and some who always smiled.

This world is full of multitudes of people, so go out there and be your self.


Cheers to life !


What I am becoming ? 

To be frank, my life is quite messed up. I feel relaxed only when I am writing.  The time spent in forming words into sentences and throwing my feelings in the mix is the best task I love doing. Deep down I completely hate every moment except when I am writing. This is purely my instinct and what I am becoming. 

Memoirs of my Psychedelic Experiences.

There is no thing as God, and of this I was certain. Everything in the nature attracts me deeply and I am only humbled by it, so I consider it our companion, either we may outlive it or it will outlive us. It is a long and deep vision which will reveal you to the universe and its cogs. There are two distinct ways to go about everything: either you control things, which needs immaculate genius of mind and body which I will come back to later, or you can be a cog in the machine and play your game while your batteries last. The latter being the majority and the former minority. Yes, I believe that coincidences happen and they are the glitches in this vast machine of nature, but it is not surprising to see how this system accepts the glitches: and uses it in a rather subtle way to defeat us. The only useful outcome of my first attempt of analysing nature was a single thought, nature is all about changes, occurring at different paces. I personally have realised that if you go against nature, you lose everything it had in offer for you.       It takes care of the smallest things like breaking of a twig to the largest ones like breaking away of tectonic plates. From the sun rays melting dew drops,on grass blades to the tremendous fire blast of volcanoes. From a little baby to a wrinkly old. From a particle of dust to the infinite galaxies. Our ancestors were right in worshipping nature and its elements and they lived by its laws, but they did have malice in their hearts which only grew with their generations and love for nature faded away, buried under concrete. Now it befalls upon us to send a better message to the next generation which is born in a dooming world. 

   I am no environmentalist or naturalist. I just study nature like an observer watching a play from afar. It teaches me and I try to learn. I connect with the universe in a different way. Now coming back to part where I left off, I must specify again the majority comprises those who submit to nature and trust in it to give them a fair treatment and they make no efforts to change things but just go with the flow. The minority on the other hand is made of those who introduce their own changes or plans in the universe and ride on nature’s back. Man has always strived to be the minority, the chosen few. Every individual wants to belong to the elite class sitting on the highest point. Nobody wants to be in the majority yet like the subtlest trick we find the maximum in it. It is clear that what we ‘want ‘ happens rarely. In the short term we may get what we ‘want’ but ultimately we have to surrender because its what the universe ‘wants’. We were designed to grow like we have, its called evolution. We are the transition in this game from past to future, with our present moment we may either make a change or pass by unnoticed. We are in it whether we choose or not, caught up in the cycle forever until there comes along a change big enough.

Beyond Failure & Success


The book of Gita is full of wisdom, which is highly acclaimed by management gurus all around the globe, CEOs of gigantic corporations have regarded it as the book of genius management formulae. I am not here to talk about any management secrets however I will dwell upon the most central message imparted in it.
  The Lord says in the Gita that one should be detached from the result of whatever one does, when we are not worried about the fruit of our work  only then we can put our best efforts into it. The rule is simple, focussing on the task at hand and not on the results which this task will bring in the future only diminishes us in our capacity to perform in that task. The sermon by Lord Krishna simply invokes us to live in the present, let the dead past bury its dead and work in this moment without dreaming of the future.
     If we dig deeper into this message we understand that we always neglect the present moment and it is this hour which requires our utmost attention. Not worrying about the fruits of our work enables us to work without worry or expectations, thus giving the best results always.

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