The Long Conversations

The Long Conversations

The world is a hurried place. We walk fast , we text faster, we type at robotic speeds and we are instant beings of slow processing. We try to go faster and faster hardly stopping or taking a pause to appreciate the collateral beauty emanating in a subtle disguise from every event.

We want everything short and concise , packed, organised and neatly classified. We want information ordered and stories told in five words and we call them ‘haiku’ or ’terribly tiny tales and shit’. While doing all this we terribly ignore the depth, the exploratory genius and the pearls that lie beneath layers of useless phrases.

I believe that it is important to go deep and into the details. Engage yourself in deep and thoughtful conversations. Talk till words and topics are exhausted. Brainstorm and fire new neural pathways. Use your grey cells damn it!

So next time when you talk to someone , listen to their story and learn from their experiences. Do not get impatient to know the end or conclusion because you know journey is important and destination is just another end to a new beginning. Think upon that.

Between Lord and ME

Between Lord and me.

For once I may have been driven away from what I think of the matter of God, but that was centuries ago and the air was just clearing for my race to pitch camp. From what I have seen God has always been an experience for an individual and never a community. The first human to have thought of God always thought in his own genuine manner and so God was more important to a person as an individual and not as a mass.

The race grew, flourished, evolved and began the deterioration of God, while humans grew senseless enough to divide the land and make boundaries between people, they were further retarded to divide Gods. This, to please them so that, when they couldn’t fight their Gods would, and so Gods became enemies. Gods were now limited to little areas and lesser people. Mankind has done terribly to something which it created with so much passion and devotion. Who wouldn’t look at this act and not say that man was selfish before mankind had barely begun on Earth.

Refuting Gods, people fighting in the name of the Lord, confusing God with religion and deepening this poison day by day in the minds of everyone. Rough present situation points its way back to the first days of man, when Green and blue and white were the only three colors visible on Earth from space. Thereafter people went fanatic on religion and red color of blood started marking stark religious boundaries on our beautiful blue-green-white ball of life.

God is a personal phenomenon; it is a process of discovering the outside world through deepening knowledge of the self or the individual. When we begin to know ourselves from inside of us, then comes the realization and understanding of everything outside. But this is all futile too because if you look around no two things are separable completely. There are no clear demarcations of anything whatsoever. The whole system is in a constant state of flux, and for me this flux is God. Yes, indeed the ‘constant change’, thought flow and breathing are just a few representations of the intricate magic spread around us.

Only when we train ourselves to look with one eye, the eye which takes in all views simply and without attachments. And contemporary writers and thinkers understand this concept slightly less than the legendary geniuses. Even then, they put it aptly in a TV series titled Mr. Robot, when the protagonist an extraordinary hacker takes on huge corporations with his hallucinatory visions. When Elliott, the male lead goes for a religious therapy session, he walks out abruptly when the moderator gave her a sermon about Jesus, his reply went thus, “Why should I believe in your imaginary friend, when you don’t believe in mine?”


Our Gods are imaginary, what are real is us and the universe. Trust me there are no Gods, no heaven, no hell. It’s just us and this infinite universe. You may choose anyone or anything to call your God. The Vedanta philosophy puts it aptly when they reflect that God is in us or simply we are potential Gods of our own universes.

Memoirs of my Psychedelic Experiences.

There is no thing as God, and of this I was certain. Everything in the nature attracts me deeply and I am only humbled by it, so I consider it our companion, either we may outlive it or it will outlive us. It is a long and deep vision which will reveal you to the universe and its cogs. There are two distinct ways to go about everything: either you control things, which needs immaculate genius of mind and body which I will come back to later, or you can be a cog in the machine and play your game while your batteries last. The latter being the majority and the former minority. Yes, I believe that coincidences happen and they are the glitches in this vast machine of nature, but it is not surprising to see how this system accepts the glitches: and uses it in a rather subtle way to defeat us. The only useful outcome of my first attempt of analysing nature was a single thought, nature is all about changes, occurring at different paces. I personally have realised that if you go against nature, you lose everything it had in offer for you.       It takes care of the smallest things like breaking of a twig to the largest ones like breaking away of tectonic plates. From the sun rays melting dew drops,on grass blades to the tremendous fire blast of volcanoes. From a little baby to a wrinkly old. From a particle of dust to the infinite galaxies. Our ancestors were right in worshipping nature and its elements and they lived by its laws, but they did have malice in their hearts which only grew with their generations and love for nature faded away, buried under concrete. Now it befalls upon us to send a better message to the next generation which is born in a dooming world. 

   I am no environmentalist or naturalist. I just study nature like an observer watching a play from afar. It teaches me and I try to learn. I connect with the universe in a different way. Now coming back to part where I left off, I must specify again the majority comprises those who submit to nature and trust in it to give them a fair treatment and they make no efforts to change things but just go with the flow. The minority on the other hand is made of those who introduce their own changes or plans in the universe and ride on nature’s back. Man has always strived to be the minority, the chosen few. Every individual wants to belong to the elite class sitting on the highest point. Nobody wants to be in the majority yet like the subtlest trick we find the maximum in it. It is clear that what we ‘want ‘ happens rarely. In the short term we may get what we ‘want’ but ultimately we have to surrender because its what the universe ‘wants’. We were designed to grow like we have, its called evolution. We are the transition in this game from past to future, with our present moment we may either make a change or pass by unnoticed. We are in it whether we choose or not, caught up in the cycle forever until there comes along a change big enough.

Do we Need Gods ?

Human beings were born only as human beings when there was no religion or concept of God. Today, a child is born as a Hindu, Muslim, Christian etc. The stamp of religion or sect begins to exist even before birth. God was created in early days of civilization to accept things that man could not understand , these processes and phenomenon were left up to God. As science advanced and humans looked for answers, the list of things ‘left up to God’ got shorter and shorter.
   The Concept of God is amazing in its own way, but it has exhausted its lifetime. Just like a theory which can never be proved is eventually rejected in Science, the hypothesis on God either needs revision or deletion. God should be defined on new terms because every theory changes with time, and we are living in a new millennia, newer times but still clinging on old Gods. I do not ask for new Gods or new religions but only plead to go back to basics of the teachings of Jesus, Buddha and Krishna and implement them in a way modern man understands and identifies with.

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To believe or not to believe.

One night there was a violent storm in the region I lived in, which happened to be a valley region, a place called Dehradun located on the foothills of the Great Himalayas. As lightning and thunder struck every now and then, my mind wanted to understand the symbolism behind the phenomenon. Lightning was always seen long before the thunder rumbled. Scientifically speaking, this happened because light travels way faster than sound.metaphorically speaking we must see something before we believe we have heard it. Always making sure that your eyes have seen something will put you in a better position and keep you away from hearsay and rumours. For the same reason, to believe in God one must see him, hearing from someone does not prove the existense of God for you. If you want to believe in God, go and look for him and believe in him only when you can see him. Seeing is believing.

Body and the Soul.

Among hundreds of mysteries surrounding mankind in the 21st century, is one fragile concept of a soul inside the human body which some believe leaves the body when a person dies. According to The world acclaimed Hindu religious book ‘Shrimadbhagwatgita’ or simply GITA in short, the soul is what lives inside the body from birth till death, this entity cannot be detroyed, divided, burnt, dried or shredded. It is invincible and indestructible.
From a practical point of view, there may be a possibility of a soul inside our bodies but it hasn’t been proved scientifically yet. Biologists claim that death is a slow process in which begins at the moment of our birth in which the body loses its ability to form new cells to replace the old ones and slowly it decays and finally death takes its toll.
Leaving the scientific notions apart, let us consider for a moment why the concept of soul was created by the Hindus, by this we aim to understand the reasoning behind this theory. For this reasoning to come to us we have to assume there is a soul in our body. According to the Vedas, soul is our connection to the ultimate energy source which has led to the birth of the universe or BIG BANG. Further there is a notion that we as individuals are souls and not the bodies, thus we must live our life to enrich our souls and not to satisfy our bodies, human body is just a gateway for the soul, it will pass on to the next after the body expires. Gita says that our soul changes bodies like we change our attire. There is no point in clinging on to our bodies and grieving in death when we realise that the soul actually doesn’t die, it is immortal and everlasting and so are we !
If we understand this simple concept that soul is different from our body and we are the soul and not the physical body our lives would be so much simpler and happier. We suffer pain because we associate ourselves with our body which is no the case. If you were able to grasp the philosophical point behind the above notions, lets move on to the symbolic aspect of this concept of soul in our body. Typically we can say it is a form of energy, formless, colourless, odourless, invisible, weightless and indestructible energy. The concept of soul allows us to introspect , understand ourselves in relation to the world, it is like a sanctuary inside your own mind where you can understand and contemplate upon whats going on around you. In this sanctuary you can train yourself to manage your thoughts , your feelings, and thus your actions. Here you can choose to feel the way you like and you will feel exactly that way. Here you can look at yourself without using a mirror.
The concept of soul has helped saints and great scholars in India achieve great heights just by concentrating upon it and introspecting themselves, they have experienced great powers and abilities and bent the laws of physics and nature just be being aware of themselves as soul and not just being trapped in a human body with limited abilities and petty physical boundaries. Why else were we given a brain so powerful if we were not meant to grow outside and beyond our human vessels? From every point of view it is definite that if one was to use the 100% of one’s brain , one would need something stronger and more robust than the human body, something which is indestructible and powerful enough to handle that kind of intelligence and power, and thats where the concept of soul comes in and amazes us forever.