I have met people 

I have met people who were too conscious of themselves, too much exclusivity in their lives is impossible.  They will share, but only a portion of their lives. They will dream but with definite boundaries, and then interpret those dreams by someone else’s description.

I have met people who thought what others thought, saw others’ visions and lived a life which was only an attempt at acceptance from others.
I have met people who knew too much and spoke too little, I have met people who knew too little and spoke too much. I have met people who were oblivious to present and some who lived in the not so distant future. I have met people with different ways of thinking.
I have met people who held their belief in stones, some who held theirs in currency notes, few others who lived for votes. I have met people who were more dead than alive.

I have met people who were like little suns, shining like beacons of light but dark inside.

I have met people who never forgot a path once they traveled on it. I have met people who were so certain about the far future that they didn’t notice death standing nearby. I have met people who embraced their death smiling and some who cried.

I have met people who create life, artists who capture imaginations and dreamers who believed nothing was impossible. I have met musicians who created music so sublime that time stopped and space stood by.

I have met strangers who felt like a part of me and I a part of them. I met people who looked fine but were broken inside.

I have met people who were at peace and knew neither love nor hate. I knew people who were always angry and some who always smiled.

This world is full of multitudes of people, so go out there and be your self.


Cheers to life !


Do we Need Gods ?

Human beings were born only as human beings when there was no religion or concept of God. Today, a child is born as a Hindu, Muslim, Christian etc. The stamp of religion or sect begins to exist even before birth. God was created in early days of civilization to accept things that man could not understand , these processes and phenomenon were left up to God. As science advanced and humans looked for answers, the list of things ‘left up to God’ got shorter and shorter.
   The Concept of God is amazing in its own way, but it has exhausted its lifetime. Just like a theory which can never be proved is eventually rejected in Science, the hypothesis on God either needs revision or deletion. God should be defined on new terms because every theory changes with time, and we are living in a new millennia, newer times but still clinging on old Gods. I do not ask for new Gods or new religions but only plead to go back to basics of the teachings of Jesus, Buddha and Krishna and implement them in a way modern man understands and identifies with.

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