It goes on, the sting of not being a believer. It is the emptiness, a target which a mind needs most. In order to survive we all need one guide, one point where all our actions an thoughts converge. Finally giving me and my existence a purpose.
Somehow, this fire, this direction, this target is missing! It brings so much composure, it evokes no reaction. Nothing is extraordinary anymore or I have simply lost that perspective. Have you ever felt a sense of evenness where nothing can make you happy or sad,excited or dull, alive or dead, you control all that you do! I don’t know if this is god or bad, it feels like a superpower sometimes, others it is just a curse. Have you ever felt feeling nothing at all! I feel that everyday!

Aur, Kya Chal Raha hai ?

We all have heard that sentence, or spoken it on a regular basis, the dreaded ice breaker or a start to a conversation, “Aur Kya chal raha hai?” which roughly translates to “What’s up?” or “what is going on?”
Gone are the days when pleasantries opened conversations or the usual salutations like ‘it is a pleasure to see you again?’ or ‘How have you been doing?” , we straight jump to ‘aur, kya chal raha hai?’ This phrase in itself can be expressed in various ways. Interestingly, this question is seldom replied with a fitting answer. Mostly the reply is ‘kuch nahi’ or ‘nothing’. Amazing ways to converse these days!
The dreaded ‘Aur, kya chal raha hai?’ has haunted me from a long time, and ever since the commercials on TV picked up this punchline, I have come to despise it more and more. Already, there is a lack of imaginative mindsets and upon all that comes this ‘Aur kya chal raha hai?’

The Long Conversations

The Long Conversations

The world is a hurried place. We walk fast , we text faster, we type at robotic speeds and we are instant beings of slow processing. We try to go faster and faster hardly stopping or taking a pause to appreciate the collateral beauty emanating in a subtle disguise from every event.

We want everything short and concise , packed, organised and neatly classified. We want information ordered and stories told in five words and we call them ‘haiku’ or ’terribly tiny tales and shit’. While doing all this we terribly ignore the depth, the exploratory genius and the pearls that lie beneath layers of useless phrases.

I believe that it is important to go deep and into the details. Engage yourself in deep and thoughtful conversations. Talk till words and topics are exhausted. Brainstorm and fire new neural pathways. Use your grey cells damn it!

So next time when you talk to someone , listen to their story and learn from their experiences. Do not get impatient to know the end or conclusion because you know journey is important and destination is just another end to a new beginning. Think upon that.

Never Force Creativity.

The situation of torment between Natural Force vs. Forced Nature

I have never forced myself to write. I believe my writing is a creative gift bestowed upon me, it is my karma, something I am destined to do forever. Even then, I never force it. There are all those guidelines out there telling you to do this and that. To keep writing like a maniac. To write first and think later. I have never been down that road where you have to vomit words just because you want to be a writer. Words need not be coaxed out, because usually they flow, and when they do just grab a pen and paper or a laptop or pull out your cellphone and write away.
You can’t force creativity, something like feelings and poetry writing cannot be produced at demand or at the drop of a hat. These feelings which a writer generally expresses through words, poetry, painting, music or any other form of art, are buried deep down in the catacombs of our brain, and our task as writers is not to break down the tunnels where these creative thoughts reside but to pick them out one by one and confront them with your art by your side, and hopefully whatever the result is will be your original, natural flow which has been subjected to no pressure. You have to let your creative parts mature, and then when it can not be held inside anymore, you have a duty to share those wonderful thoughts in the best way you can.
Forcing creativity is like infanticide, or to put it better it is like plucking an unripe fruit right off the branch, it is useless to the tree and to you. On similar lines, if you force creativity when it doesn’t seem to flow naturally, you murder yourself, your purpose and your words which amounts to nothing in the end.

There are moments when an artist feels his art has deserted him and finds it extremely hard to produce any more of his remarkable work. Almost every artist in the history has been through one such phase in life. It is an indication that your cup is empty now and you need more experience to fill it. So when your flame is low, experience the world and brighten your mind.

Being Different 

We all want to be different, hell who wants to be a copycat. I am gonna be the original dog leading the pack.  Yes, of course I want followers. It’s in our code to be unique, which we are if we look inside ourselves : literally. Why not be your own genuine self than to start copying others to become ‘different?’

  Somewhere in the crowd we too have joined in, copying this and that to remain in the ‘trend’ , forgetting something we told ourselves when we were little. 

  Losing your originality to become wanted and appear eye-catchy decomposes the whole idea of a personality and uniqueness and ends the discussion like a downpour ends a storm. 

  You are a nobody if your universe doesn’t come to lie at your feet working at your command. Be yourself and I guarantee you will be different and unique in a beautiful way you never thought existed. 



Between Lord and ME

Between Lord and me.

For once I may have been driven away from what I think of the matter of God, but that was centuries ago and the air was just clearing for my race to pitch camp. From what I have seen God has always been an experience for an individual and never a community. The first human to have thought of God always thought in his own genuine manner and so God was more important to a person as an individual and not as a mass.

The race grew, flourished, evolved and began the deterioration of God, while humans grew senseless enough to divide the land and make boundaries between people, they were further retarded to divide Gods. This, to please them so that, when they couldn’t fight their Gods would, and so Gods became enemies. Gods were now limited to little areas and lesser people. Mankind has done terribly to something which it created with so much passion and devotion. Who wouldn’t look at this act and not say that man was selfish before mankind had barely begun on Earth.

Refuting Gods, people fighting in the name of the Lord, confusing God with religion and deepening this poison day by day in the minds of everyone. Rough present situation points its way back to the first days of man, when Green and blue and white were the only three colors visible on Earth from space. Thereafter people went fanatic on religion and red color of blood started marking stark religious boundaries on our beautiful blue-green-white ball of life.

God is a personal phenomenon; it is a process of discovering the outside world through deepening knowledge of the self or the individual. When we begin to know ourselves from inside of us, then comes the realization and understanding of everything outside. But this is all futile too because if you look around no two things are separable completely. There are no clear demarcations of anything whatsoever. The whole system is in a constant state of flux, and for me this flux is God. Yes, indeed the ‘constant change’, thought flow and breathing are just a few representations of the intricate magic spread around us.

Only when we train ourselves to look with one eye, the eye which takes in all views simply and without attachments. And contemporary writers and thinkers understand this concept slightly less than the legendary geniuses. Even then, they put it aptly in a TV series titled Mr. Robot, when the protagonist an extraordinary hacker takes on huge corporations with his hallucinatory visions. When Elliott, the male lead goes for a religious therapy session, he walks out abruptly when the moderator gave her a sermon about Jesus, his reply went thus, “Why should I believe in your imaginary friend, when you don’t believe in mine?”


Our Gods are imaginary, what are real is us and the universe. Trust me there are no Gods, no heaven, no hell. It’s just us and this infinite universe. You may choose anyone or anything to call your God. The Vedanta philosophy puts it aptly when they reflect that God is in us or simply we are potential Gods of our own universes.

The Whole Purpose of Education is to Turn Mirrors into Windows. 

Human beings are blessed with an appropriately measured lifespan. It is long enough to beckon them on a journey of important tasks and yet short enough to make them feel the claws of time knocking on the door to obliterate their legends and bury them underneath it’s folds. Throughout mankind’s inception men have toiled with their best efforts to break the extricate matrix of nature’s harmonies. Although they have succeeded less and less in breaking open this shell of universe’s codes but we have rubbed the surface and scratched a fair amount of dirt and that dirt or knowledge is all the experience of mankind, being passed down the generations as ‘education’.    One has to be always amazed at the way things finally unfold, like how the concept of education unfolded just now. Human beings used to be deep, sentient and sensible organisms, but off late they have become too shallow. For the new generation, even too little is too much and nobody really cares what a good education looks like. The purpose indeed was to wipe the mirror clean and through our cleansed hearts see through ourselves and rise up and become more than just a single person or identity but rather be a survivor and a human above all. With great sadness my heart bleeds as humanity loses its way. The plan was to have a flag for Earth and look to the universe with positive eyes but we are too cropped up in our own differences.  
  Amidst all this chaos enters the idea of ‘education’ that holds the promise to grow up beyond our little differences and look at the universe with eyes that want to learn and keep learning. Unveiling the secrets of universe has been the sole aim of education all along. We began with something crude and proto but as we have learnt to collect our knowledge and combine it comprehensively for the future generations, we have consistently expanded our knowledge base and the future holds an ostium to the complete understanding of self which is the ultimate aim of education. 

       Education is not just imparting of information and facts. It is also not just the dissemination of truths studied under great toil by the gifted minds. Education is but in fact the philosophy of living one’s life. It is the sensible experience that trains you to think logically and work in synchronisation and harmony with the natural and artificial systems already in place in the surroundings. More important than the degrees and diplomas is the message hidden between the long years of the educational process. The Vedic system, of education aims at not simply learning the answers but asking of the right questions by the student. While one is getting educated one learns to live their life by their experiences. The same force of education is at work when one person goes on to change the world by his words and his brother by performing miracles of science. Most people take their education wherever they go. It is true that it is the only wealth which once acquired can never be stolen from you. 

   The Vedanta philosophy establishes education as a process of revealing what is hidden inside the student and not stuffing the pupil with a fixed syllabus and sealing them up. Like the famous educator and journalist Sydney J. Harris explained in his quote, “The whole process of education is to turn mirrors into windows”, education is a two way process. If only we change the mirrors into windows, we would be able to look beyond our limited vision and take great leaps for the mankind, first in our vision and then in action. This perception falls in line with the principles of Vedic philosophy of education whose very essence is the concentration of mind to fluctuate at each and every moment. It is the recipe to control our minds to concentrate at our will. It is a long discipline that teaches us to harmonise our minds and bodies with nature. If we sit around in a room with just mirrors we are like a frog at the bottom of a well. We soon begin to think that the well is our world but if we open the windows there is a lot that lies unexplored even beyond the farthest horizon.

    It is understood that only knowledge does not make one an educated person. It is the building up of character, forming of a personality, learning to communicate and express on the way. Most people think of students as empty sausage casings to be filled with education but genuine education is not inserting or stuffing knowledge into a child’s brain but rather eliciting and obtaining knowledge from him; according to the great philosopher Socrates, education is the drawing out of what is in the mind. The whole experience of education today is studying without learning. This misunderstanding of concepts can destroy generations of useful intelligence. 

  Students are more like oysters and less like sausage casings. The purpose of teaching is not to fill them with stuff and seal them up, rather it is to open and reveal the treasures and riches that lie within. There are diamonds and pearls hidden within each one of us, if only we learn to cultivate them with hard work and patience and that should be the purpose of education.