Love Shine.

Here is a spoiler:

To all those who thought love is all the good-good emotions and cuddling with your partner in bed, I have bad news and this is incredibly real. Love will heal you in unconventional ways, because like everybody lives their life differently, people love differently too. Sometimes due to some misunderstanding and glitches of human emotions,things spin out of control. In this chaos, when you have enough time to reflect upon the situation, your minds reveals to you infinite possibilities.

Trust me, if your lover doesn’t hurt you and does not tell you at least once that you are the worst person, you have not even begun. The consequences are much larger if you carry on loving that same person, because then you have chosen the lesser traveled road. That road where you haven’t been until now, the road it is time to discover and that road will take you places you didn’t know existed and will make you the person that you did not know lived in you.

My experience gave me a simple lesson, I should live by my words, before I put pen to paper, I should be truthful to myself and must have lived what I write and if I have not lived it, I should at least follow them in real life. In one line, I should be a poet in my personality and not just in my words.

Some people do teach you the meaning and value of their name, the person I am referring to taught me the meaning of her name and to feel it perhaps would be to feel my own goodness. So I have begin the journey and search to be soulful again, if there is goodness in me, it will come out when I summon it and if not my worst will be best in someone’s eyes.

But when the storm has subsided, one truth will remain and that is love will break you and then you make yourself worthy of love and worthy of your lover.
You leave your old ways and become something new, something better. If you have realized this you are already on the path again, let time do the rest. Emotions and feelings are your internal world but your behavior determines your personality and no one has the time to look in your heart and see your goodness.

For people like me who overthink, it is stimulus and a medicine and time to heal and let the poison escape from my soul. It is a good time to ponder, think and act on the plan. Time to wake up the dead poets, dust the old books and disturb the old corners of the cupboard and make the soul shine again.


Religion In India. 

‘Religion’ or “one’s faith” is a concept which has divided humans more than any other. It began as a tool to unite and come together in understanding the universe through love, faith, hope and all the positive things in the human emotions. There must have been a time when religion became the masthead of everything opposite to it. Right now it is just heading towards a Big Bang and it has got us all hooked on.

In my country India, everything is hyped and so is religion. There is always a lot of fuss over religion, especially the feud between the Hindu and the Muslim communities. In past my motherland had to go through the pain of seeing her children’s blood shed by her children. Riots, discontent, intolerance, violence and other ideas like revenge and retribution are in total disagreement with any religious philosophy out there. Buddha,Christ or The Prophet they all would certainly disagree today with the ideology our Religion Officers are spreading. There are politicians out here who call themselves Yogi but talk about mass massacres, revenge and retribution.

Whole political battles are fought behind this shield, guess who gets sacrificed, the common people. While politicians carve out their sly campaigns around our religions borders, we brutally slaughter each other in our minds. We burn on the hate fuel supplied to us and cause collateral damage. At the end we lose a brother from another mother and end up filling the pockets of brokers who would not shy away from selling emotion and faith.

I recall someone telling me that everthing is  a commodity, what is not now will soon be in the future. He went on to tell that every commodity is pricable and thus taxable. To sum up, understand this: you are being played by your emotions. Listen to yourself, look at yourself, watch yourself and you will know the truth.

Though I may have begun to sound a bit political in the middle of the article but my intention is to only search for the truth and comment on human behaviour.


– Mayank Mishra

The Friend With the Binoculars.


I have always longed to understand the nature of few things and processes. Few are more interesting and others end up as soon as their secret becomes known to me. In this pursuit I tried to understand why people do what they do. This idea struck me when my friend was fixing his binoculars in front of me, I inspected while he slowly removed all the small parts and lenses one by one and put them back again together after he cleaned them with utmost care. As I watched I pondered over how far one could go in a particular field if one was to approach it systematically while being driven by infinite amazement.
   Few would care to watch the world through a binocular even if it was lying around and fewer would tax their relaxed brains to clean the whole thing so that it showed the right picture. Those with further deepening interests would like to make their own binoculars or even do some research in the field.
  For learning anything there must be a driven mind which likes to explore by action, a heart that can accept failures and the willingness to go farther than everybody else. When you learn something you must focus on its deep intricacies or else it is all in vain. We all learn what we love most as we go along in our life some find the Binoculars fascinating because they show things that are far away clearly and correctly, while I like writing about it. Some want to just photograph the landscape, others want to paint it and some like my friend liked to study it with a slightly enhanced view.
  I observed again as my friend watched the distant hills with the cleaned eyepieces, he made further adjustments  to change results. This is exactly what we do when we fail, we improvise and improve results. We adjust till our target is in focus and then keep going at it indefinitely. First we learn the basics, then the details, then comes the unamking and making of our trade and ourselves in the process.
  Finally when all the parts were put back together, the binocular was clean and complete, with fine adjustments and a single minded eyesight we watched clearly as the sun hid behind the hills.

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The Forgiving Saint

On the ghats of Varanasi, there lived a saint who bathed daily in holy Ganges. One day a scorpion bit the saint in the feet, the sage experienced excruciating pain but he did not harm the scorpion and quite astonishingly he picked him up and left him near the bank where no one could step on him. The next morning the same exact incident occurred and the morning after and the morning after it. An observer who watched the same incident happen for so many days, couldn’t resist asking the sage ‘why he did so?’ The saint solemnly replied, ‘it is the dharma of a scorpion to bite and a saint’s to forgive, if he being a scorpion doesn’t forget his dharma, how can I ?’
We have a lot to learn from this saint, forgiveness to those who sin against us, controlling our anger, being prudent even in the smallest decisions we make in our lives and respecting every creature we share this planet with. Forgiveness helps us reconcile with others as well as ourselves. When we forgive others, we actually forgive ourselves and remove a great burden from our souls.

Poetry for the Soul.

At the age of 17, I discovered the poet in me after a heartbreak. My love only increased for her ever since. At first, my poems were an expression of love and affection towards the person who I adored so much, but later words flowed more as a realisation of an important lesson of life. One does not get everything one wants and loss of something makes you understand and appreciate its value.
Poetry flowed from my soul onto paper and I discovered my unconditional love for something even better, the thought to pursue poetry writing automatically followed. Poetry helped me beat my sorrow and pickup the valuable lesson learnt from it. Sometimes words written on paper hold far more power than those expressed aloud. Those words which took the form of mere poetry were actually my wounds leaving my soul. In a way poetry helped me recover and rejuvenated me to start life afresh.
Here is a poem I penned down long ago, I hope it depicts what i tried to say above.

Carefree and unbound was a bird,
Until it discovered a world
Of emotions and feelings
Knew love beyond its dreams,
Now it was all but carefree,
It was all but vain
Until one day,
Betrayal and sorrow struck
A cord within its heart,
And now it sings
Upon the fig tree
Knowing all but love
For her songs are full of it
And it is again carefree and unbound.
– mayank mishra