Losing and finding myself.  

There is one kind of fear which everyone must face in their journey from being a no one to becoming someone. It is the fear of losing one’s identity, waking up one day to see a different person staring back at you from inside the mirror. This fear is the result of surviving in large crowds and it almost always accompanies one’s struggle to make oneself a name. Perhaps, it is the fear of dying as a nobody, the fear of being anonymous my whole life, which drives me to do something extraordinary. Even when I am out here facing the crowd in and out, my mind knows and tells me to firmly hold my roots because the storm of life uproots many from the very ground they stand upon.    I do not want to be any Tom, Dick or Harry from the crowd. For those moments are like a loan from others’ happiness. My happiness can only be achieved by constantly fighting with this fear and about losing and finding myself.