The Beauty of Little Things

I am no one to preach but this is my experience of life so far and i want to share some things I have understood and learnt.

1. Whatever has happened in the past if it still haunts you, you are already dead. Whatever will happen in the future if it is already troubling you, you are way out of your time living in the future. Whatever is happening to you now if that matters you are living in the moment and cherishing it.

2. If you miss the right moment you will regret it later so never miss an opportunity when it presents itself.

3. Whatever happens, never lose hope.

4. Sleep early, wake up early, it is one of the best things you can do to improve yourself. Benjamin Franklin says “There will be enough time to sleep in the grave.”

5. Never give up on yourself.

6. Never stop trying, whatever it is you are trying to do, give it at least one honest try.

7. Never be rude, be calm and respect everyone even if they disrespect you.

8. Connect with nature, take some time in solitude, all by yourself.

9. Be kind and be gentle and be forgiving.

10. Take small steps towards your goal, enjoy little things, never complain always reform.

Perception to happiness.

It is how we perceive others which determines our behaviour towards them. A few times even if the person  whom we care so much for damages our feelings irreparably, it is our  perception of them which we should  never let get damaged. It is upto us to be indifferent and not reply rudeness with rudeness, for hatred breeds hatred, rather we should show that we still  care for  them even if they keep hurting us with their hurtful  words and deeds. Buddha says  only love can conquer everyone for you and if you show a compassionate heart even the rudest enemy shall melt before you like hot wax.

  It is upto us to take the things seriously which might make us serious about frivolous issues or just toss them away into abyss and keep strolling happily like before. It is upto us to bother ourselves with what others think of us or  simply leave it to others ! While we act on the latter we must never let even the slightest splinter of hatred survive in our hearts or else our peace will be incomplete and our mind restless. Our mind should be free from emotions which trouble our  peace because if  we make ourselves unhappy we can never hope to spread happiness to others.

Introspection- looking inside the soul

While we are looking outside  to the world rich with multitudes of colours and phenomenon we are enchanted with its beauty. To say the least every creation, man-made or natural is stupefying and beautiful beyond description but I have found it in myself and among many others who introspect that it is when we learn how to introspect that we begin to gather what real beauty is.  Introspection or looking inside oneself is simple,  all one needs to do is sit calmly and observe one’s thoughts just hear them out and follow where they lead you.  We say too much and we think too little because we are so busy expressing ourselves we hardlytake time to listen to ourselves. Observing,  listening and paying attention is as important as speaking,  expressing and attracting attention to ourselves.
   What we long for is a forever companion and who else it better be than ourselves? 

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