Nothing is Ordinary

The life we live or we think we are living, as it passes by, to the ordinary eye is merely a repetition of repetitions. There are no epiphanies or sudden burst of enlightenment that will blow you away, but the true beauty of things and the true picture will become clearer when you observe deeply and without attachments, neither to the past; left behind, nor to the future; yet unknown.
It will be while you are doing the daily chores of your life, travelling to work or just standing on the road and in that instant if you merely live in the present, revelations will come from all directions. Doors will open and knowledge will flow in. Every single moment has gems of wisdom to offer and take us to higher spiritual levels; it is up to us to select the moments which we choose to live in.

The most complicated questions have the most simple answers. The details, if noticed can make each living moment seem like a spring of eternal divinity which only knows to flow.

Live your thoughts…Create your mindset in such a way that perception is fixed…and known.. ! let your ideals guide you ..! Have some ideals ..some principles in life……