Never Force Creativity.

The situation of torment between Natural Force vs. Forced Nature


I have never forced myself to write. I believe my writing is a creative gift bestowed upon me, it is my karma, something I am destined to do forever. Even then, I never force it. There are all those guidelines out there telling you to do this and that. To keep writing like a maniac. To write first and think later. I have never been down that road where you have to vomit words just because you want to be a writer. Words need not be coaxed out, because usually they flow, and when they do just grab a pen and paper or a laptop or pull out your cellphone and write away.
You can’t force creativity, something like feelings and poetry writing cannot be produced at demand or at the drop of a hat. These feelings which a writer generally expresses through words, poetry, painting, music or any other form of art, are buried deep down in the catacombs of our brain, and our task as writers is not to break down the tunnels where these creative thoughts reside but to pick them out one by one and confront them with your art by your side, and hopefully whatever the result is will be your original, natural flow which has been subjected to no pressure. You have to let your creative parts mature, and then when it can not be held inside anymore, you have a duty to share those wonderful thoughts in the best way you can.
Forcing creativity is like infanticide, or to put it better it is like plucking an unripe fruit right off the branch, it is useless to the tree and to you. On similar lines, if you force creativity when it doesn’t seem to flow naturally, you murder yourself, your purpose and your words which amounts to nothing in the end.

There are moments when an artist feels his art has deserted him and finds it extremely hard to produce any more of his remarkable work. Almost every artist in the history has been through one such phase in life. It is an indication that your cup is empty now and you need more experience to fill it. So when your flame is low, experience the world and brighten your mind.

Beyond Failure & Success


The book of Gita is full of wisdom, which is highly acclaimed by management gurus all around the globe, CEOs of gigantic corporations have regarded it as the book of genius management formulae. I am not here to talk about any management secrets however I will dwell upon the most central message imparted in it.
  The Lord says in the Gita that one should be detached from the result of whatever one does, when we are not worried about the fruit of our work  only then we can put our best efforts into it. The rule is simple, focussing on the task at hand and not on the results which this task will bring in the future only diminishes us in our capacity to perform in that task. The sermon by Lord Krishna simply invokes us to live in the present, let the dead past bury its dead and work in this moment without dreaming of the future.
     If we dig deeper into this message we understand that we always neglect the present moment and it is this hour which requires our utmost attention. Not worrying about the fruits of our work enables us to work without worry or expectations, thus giving the best results always.

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